Ron Jeremy isn't really what you'd call easy on the eyes. Some would even go so far as to say he's unattractive. Yet he's one of the most popular stars in the history of adult film. His fans call him the "Hedgehog." He's short, fat, and hairy. And he's paid very well to have sex with thousands of beautiful women. Some people would call him the luckiest man in the world.
Scott Gill's Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy is a fascinating look at America's unlikeliest sex star the young boy with the sweet smile and striking eyes, and the dissatisfied porn actor with a voracious appetite and wicked grin. The film is dense with revealing details of his life.
He's rich and famous (very famous), but he's notoriously cheap. He's embarrassed by his early work (when he displayed a truly rare ability to satisfy himself). Some of his female "costars" consider him a sweetheart, while others find him repulsive and refuse to work with him. He uses garbage sacks as luggage. He's not really the type for a girlfriend. And he scribbles little notes and phone numbers in a ratty old book, literally like a madman.
Each detail serves to build a more complete picture of Ron Jeremy, but at the heart of the film is his life-long dream to make a living in mainstream film. He's been cast in small parts here and there, mostly for camp value, but he's often removed from the final cut when the studio realizes who he is. It's not easy to cross over when you're one of the most infamous porn stars in the world. Still, Ron Jeremy remains hopeful and determined to realize his dreams.   -Charlie Sotelo

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