In an industry renowned for the high turn-over rate of its talent, Ron Jeremy has reigned supreme as the undisputed biggest star in pornography for over twenty years.

Ron's career began in 1978 when a girlfriend of his sent his nude photo to "Playgirl" magazine for its "Boy Next Door" feature. The photo was published, garnering the attention of both adoring female fans and adult film producers. Ron left his job as a special education teacher (for which he holds a master's degree), launching a career in pornography which encompasses over 1600 films and directing over 100 others.

Throughout his career, Ron has continuously aspired to break into mainstream Hollywood, acting in small parts in dozens of studio and independent films, as well as serving as a consultant on "Boogie Nights" and "9 1/2 Weeks."

At age 48, Ron's adult film and mainstream roles have earned him a loyal legion of fans worldwide and enabled him to achieve a level of celebrity unsurpassed in the history of pornography.

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