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"PORN STAR: The Legend of Ron Jeremy" is the new, critically acclaimed feature film that explores the life of the world’s most famous adult film star: Ron Jeremy. However, this film is not about porn, but about one of the most recognizable faces in America today, Ron Jeremy. Ron Jeremy is a true legend to many, especially the 18-35 year old male demographic.

Presently, Ron Jeremy has been travelling the nation to promote this unique film. He will continue to travel with the film from state to state, with a primary focus of major college markets.

Although Porn Star is enjoyed by a broad movie-going audience, the primary audience is 18-35 year old males. Our research exit polls prove the male audience is the primary group watching this movie (see Exit Poll data enclosed). As Porn Star and Ron Jeremy roll out nationwide to the major college marketing in 2002, an unlimited potential exists for sponsors to reach this elusive male demographic.


Venue Banner Space
In addition to his prolific film career, Ron’s principle career is Master Ceremonies (MC) at events, major rock band concert introductions and stand-up comedy. In each of the 50+ markets, Ron is booked in a comedy club/bar/nightclub venue with an average capacity of 500 persons. Most of these venues are 21+ and attract 21-35-year old patrons. In major markets, Ron typically attracts crowds in excess of 2,000 people for his stand-up act (multiple shows). Banner and other signage space is available in each of the venues that are included in this tour.

Host Apparel Branding
Ron Jeremy may be adorned with apparel with your logo and or promotional message during the 50+ market tour.

Personal Appearances
A select few sponsors will have the opportunity to host Ron Jeremy at their own event of choice during the year to promote their own product, MC a company event, host an autograph session, or just to generate publicity. Autograph Sessions


Photos Viewed and Ordered:
At the main event in the 50+ markets, a professional event photographer will be present to take party pictures of attendees. At an event with 500 attendees, event photographers typically shoot 150 frames. The photographer will hand each person photographed a card with the website where the photos can be viewed and purchased. Traditionally, this service generates significant web traffic and many photo orders, each of which is for an average of 3 photos. When the photos are printed and mailed to those who place orders, a 1" x 1" logo is digitally embossed on the photo. In order to complete the request for the photos, recipients must complete a brief survey with your questions (including email, address and demographic data capture). Most people display their photos or show them to others. The brand identity included on the photo receives the benefit of being associates with the fun time had by all at the event.

50 events x 150 frames x 20 viewers per frame = 150,000 viewers

Pre-Paid Photo Orders:
A sponsor may pre-purchase photos from the 50+ events to be given away by Ron Jeremy during his acts. Ron announces to the attendees that your brand is buying 25 people their first 2 pictures each from the event. Cards are handed out containing your logo and promotional message (business card size) along with the URL and code the recipients enter to process their order for free. The recipient logs on to the website, chooses the photos and enters the code in lieu of payment. The photos that arrive are embossed with your 1" x 1" logo along with a pre-preprinted 3"x7" 70# flyer insert (client supplied).


The Spring Break eCD sampler is a custom printed and cased CD that can be placed in a computer CD ROM drive (either Mac or PC) or an audio CD disc player. The eCD will contains up to 16 of the hottest new music tracks, 30 photos or ads, digitized videos/movie trailers and up to 27 web site links. The visual components of the eCD can also include HTML programming. The jacket that contains the eCD has a graphic representation of the contents plus three 4-color ad panels. The eCD also contain logos and graphics.

The 50,000 eCD samplers will be given out to college Spring Breakers in 21+ bars and nightclubs in the 6 hottest spring break destinations for 2002: Panama City, Daytona Beach, South Padre Island, Cancun, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. An eCD will also be included in the Fraternity Survival Kits as well as a giveaway at each stop during Ron Jeremy’s personal appearance tour.


Film Release Flyers: 150,000 (can be customized for each market)
An average of 3,000 flyers will be distributed hand-to-hand in each of the 50+ markets for a total of 150,000. Logo space is available on these flyers.


Banner Ads:
The film’s official website,, has been receiving 250,000 unique visitors per month. Banner space is available on the site throughout the promotional period and beyond. The promotional is expected to run between January and December 2002.


Local Newspapers/Newsweeklies/Magazines:
Numerous print ads will be places in each of the 50+ markets to support the release of the film. Logo space and/or promotional message space is available on these ads:
  • College newspapers: at least 2 papers per market
  • Newsweeklies: at least 2 papers per market
  • Daily newspapers: at least 1 paper per market
Total circulation of 320,000 copies x 50 markets = 1.6 million copies x 2 readers per copy = 3.2 million impressions.


Street Team Samples: 250,000
A street team will be hired in 50+ markets to distribute flyers to promote the film. The focus of their hand-to-hand distribution will be the 18-25-year old demographic. The Street Team can distribute product samples, coupons or other flyers during this time. Up to 5,000 units can be distributed per market.

Fraternity Survival Kits:
College fraternity survival kits containing various products appealing to the college market will be mail to the largest 1,000 fraternities in the U.S. in late January. Additional kits will be distributed during the 50-stop personal appearance tour to area fraternity contest winners.


We can work with your marketing or brand team to develop other customized 18+, 21+, college and young-adult opportunities. We’re used to thinking and working outside of the box and can, if required, create an entire program around your needs.

Other opportunities include:
  • Film trailers/commercials on cinema prints, video/DVD and television/cable releases, either domestic, international or both.
  • Front or back end credits on any of the above
  • Radio plugs by Ron Jeremy.
Ron is a celebrity guest on at least two radio station peak-time shows at the opening of each of the 50 market.

For more information or to discuss promotional opportunities please contact Tim at (310) 450-1220.

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